Be the First to Find Your Perfect Home

The perfect home for you in Lakeland may be for sale right now.  However, it could sell to someone else before you see it or even know about it.  Some properties are sold before they hit the market.  Some of the best properties are not in the MLS at all.  If you know what you are looking for, including the general location and price range, simple call us and we will go find it for you.  We have sold thousands of properties in Lakeland and have many past clients we depend upon to help us locate the perfect home when the opportunity comes available.  We have past clients who were once first time buyers who are thinking of moving to a larger home.  We have past clients who downsized and retired who may be looking to move back up north.  We have past clients who relocated to Lakeland and will be relocating to a new city soon.  Our profession consists of selling properties, but our job description is more like matchmaking buyers and sellers.  Sometimes we use the MLS and the internet.  We also use our experience and list of contacts and clients we have made over the past 25 years.

Lakeland Mayfaire by-the-Lake

Image:  Mayfaire By-the-Lake 2013

The Best Place to Search For Lakeland Homes For Sale

Where is the best place to find properties actively for sale in Lakeland?  The largest and most popular real estate sites have become more about selling information than houses.  A local IDX site will show you the active properties for sale with a simple mapping software so you know where the property is and 15 to 30 photos to help you understand the condition of the interior and exterior.  We have set up this type of site for your convenience Lakeland Homes For Sale.

Real Estate Seller's Market in Lakeland

Lakeland, Florida is going through another seller's market where multiple offers are common.  Some buyers refuse to enter into a bidding war.  Some buyers feel like they don't have a choice.  Here at you will find some homes for sale that are not in the MLS plus all of the properties that are in the MLS.  Many homes for sale in Lakeland last only a few days on the market with multiple offers generated much of the time for the best properties.  Sellers can expect to sell their property for appraised value along with more favorable terms in the sales contract.  Contact our team to learn more about escrow deposits, post occupancy and other terms which should be considered when negotiating the sale of residential property.

Today's Real Estate Values in Lakeland

The residential real estate values in Lakeland have begun to increase during the first quarter of the year.  One contributing factor is the increased demand.  Low interest rates and increased consumer confidence continue to motivate buyers and investors to purchase homes in the central Florida area.  Investors from around the country have focused on this area to invest large amounts of capital expecting a continued increase in values for years to come.  Research and timing are important to maximizing your investment in real estate.  We have a free automated service which enables you to monitor the homes for sale in your neighborhood and their sold to list price ratio.